What our customers are saying

It was incredible!
Autumn B.
I just wanted to say thank you for the outstanding job you have done with my son. When my son was 2 years old, our pediatrician was concerned with the number of words he had in his vocabulary, I believe it was around 20 words. Our pediatrician recommended speech therapy. After only a few sessions with Mrs. Woodard, my son's speech started to improve. It was incredible! By age 3, I was getting comments not only from his preschool teachers but also his pediatrician on how far he had progressed. I owe it all to Mrs. Woodard. Not only is she amazing with children, she is an excellent tool for parents as well. I appreciate all the feedback and helpful homework she provides to myself in order to help further my son's speech development. I can't thank you enough..
Nesha made the learning fun and interesting.
Rita H.
We are very appreciative of all Nesha accomplished with our 3 year old son. We went from not understanding him at all to almost 100% understood. He was always eager to go to each session because Nesha made the learning fun and interesting. We think this speech therapy was one of the most valuable things we could have done for our child as we know he will continue to improve as he grows.
Very patient, knowledgeable, and caring
Heather H.
Ms. Nesha Woodard has been my daughter's speech teacher for almost 1 year now. Ms. Woodard has been instrumental in helping my daughter make the sounds that were once difficult for her to make. My daughter enjoys going to speech, as Ms. Woodard makes learning new sounds fun. Ms. Woodard is very patient, knowledgeable, and caring. I am always kept informed as to which sounds my daughter is working on and how she is progressing with those sounds. Ms. Woodard.s pace for teaching new sounds is based on my daughter’s ability to grasp each sound, as assessment is built into each speech session. Ms. Woodard also provides practical worksheets that we use at home with my daughter to follow up with what she is learning in speech. My daughter has come a long way with her speech in a year, and this is all due to her weekly sessions with Ms. Woodard. If anyone is looking for a wonderful speech teacher, I would not hesitate to recommend Ms. Nesha Woodard!
I would highly recommend her
Chriss D.
Nesha has helped two of our children with developing speech patterns. She is always welcoming and my kids love going to working with her. I.ve known Nesha for 5 years now and I would highly recommend her for your child and their speech/language needs. She is very thorough with their exams and with explaining their weaknesses and strengths. Nesha is also very flexible with reaching your goals.
It was a wonderful experience
Jamie B.
After trying on our own to work with our on his speech we decided to go and find individual therapy. From the moment I met Nesha I was impressed. She answered all of my questions and told me that it is going to be a lot of work but that my son would definitely benefit from therapy. He had therapy with Nesha for a year and I am so grateful that he did. My son improved a tremendous amount. Each week we had homework to do with our son. She would let us know ways that would help him the most. We learned certain things about mouth positions and tongues positions to help improve certain letters that we never would have learned on our own. I am so happy of where my son is now and I know it.s because of his therapy. My son felt so excited to go to speech. Nesha was so patient and kind to him. She was so easy to work with. When he would leave speech he was proud of himself of what he had done. I can't thank Nesha enough for everything. It was a wonderful experience and I am so grateful that we found her.
We will always be grateful
Laurie P.
My family has experienced the devastation of not being able to communicate with two of our children. Watching their frustration of not being able to communicate their needs and wants or to interact with others was heartbreaking. We were fortunate to find Nesha. From the beginning, Nesha's compassion along with her dedication and professional manner inspired confidence and gave us hope. Nesha is a kind and caring speech therapist who applies effective learning techniques resulting in strong speech development. We will always be grateful for the impact she has made on our lives.
We strongly recommend Nesha!
Shantel P.
My son's percentiles for speech increased over greatly in just under a year. He looked forward going to see "Teacher Nesha" weekly. Nesha was able to quickly assess what was the best way to work with him as an individual taking into consideration his personality, attention span, interests, etc. Nesha also used positive reinforcement which was extremely helpful for my 4 year old. In addition, Nesha gave weekly homework which proved to be invaluable! We strongly recommend Nesha!
Nesha has been fantastic
Mary A.
Nesha has been fantastic with our son Josh. He looks forward to going to speech each week. She has helped him improve not only his pronunciation but all aspects of speech and communication. Because of her efforts he has greater confidence in his ability to communicate with others.
You can tell she really cares
Shannon W.
I'm so happy that we found Nesha at Kids Speech Therapy. She has taken the time to get to know my son, and works with his personality to help him succeed at new goals. She has helped him improve his communication skills, and helped build his confidence to use his new skills. You can tell she really cares about the kids that she is teaching, and wants him to succeed.